We provide botox & FIllers as well


Botox is an anti-wrinkle skin treatment used to treat wrinkles that are the result of normal facial movement.


treatments are not suitable for permanent wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to the sun.


Botox can be combined with cosmetic dermal fillers to add volume.

Frequently asked questions

The most common side effect of BOTOX® is a droopy eyelid (known as “ptosis”) or a droopy eyebrow. It is only common in 1% of the population treated and in the hands of a good injector, happens even less. A droopy eyelid can last a few weeks if the BOTOX® is injected properly, but may last as long as three months if injected improperly.* That is a reason to go to an experienced injector.

There are no long-term side effects from BOTOX®. Once injected, the toxin is completely out of the skin in 2.5 to 5 months and leaves you in the same place as before injections.

Sometimes, BOTOX® may cause a headache for a day or two. Most often, BOTOX® reduces the headaches caused by muscle contraction.*

In one name or another, BOTOX® has been around well over 45 years! When originally used for eye problems such as strabismus or blepharospasm, doctors noted that the wrinkles around the eyes began to go away. Studies were done and BOTOX® got FDA approval in 2002 for cosmetic purposes. It continues to be studied in other areas for cosmetic uses. BOTOX® is one of the most studied drugs in the world.

A good injector can adjust the BOTOX® dose to give the desired result. She or he can inject BOTOX® to reduce lines while keeping the motion of the muscles. We can make it look natural.

There are many places to get BOTOX®, so choose carefully. Make sure the person injecting has experience and performs this procedure regularly. It’s a procedure that requires knowledge and care, so make sure the doctor you choose has it!