Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

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Physical therapy rehabilitation typically combines time spent working with a therapist in the office with the establishment of a home exercise program under that therapist’s supervision. Physical therapy is used, along with other physical medicine practices to address the problems of pain and injury. The medical team at American Wellness uses this kind of physical therapy rehabilitation to help patients increase flexibility and range of motion, while improving balance and coordination, strengthening muscles, and decreasing the incidence of future injury.

The medical professionals at American Wellness perform a thorough examination, establishing an accurate diagnostic assessment in order to create a customized course of treatment that addresses your specific medical concerns. The efficacy of physical rehabilitation has been well established for the treatment of pain and to help patients heal after surgery. En route to the desired outcome, you will be regularly reevaluated in order to determine if modifications in treatment are required in order to meet the goals of wellness and improved quality of life.

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