Disc Herniations

herniated disc

A disc herniation is a condition of the cervical spine or lumbar spine, which is often quite painful.  Disc herniation is also commonly referred to as slipped disc, herniated disc, or ruptured disc. This disc herniation occurs when the soft center of a spinal disc pushes through a fissure in the disc’s exterior, and while some people do not experience any ill effects from a disc herniation, others may be greatly affected. For those who experience symptoms, a herniated disc can mean intense pain, numbness or tingling, sciatica, and muscle weakness.

The causes of a disc herniation are varied, and it is often the result of age-related disc degeneration or degenerative disc disease. However, it can also result from trauma from a fall, a blow to the back, excess weight, improper lifting or bending, or even a physically demanding job. It is not always possible to identify the specific cause of a herniated disc.  Regardless, the team at American Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ will perform a thorough examination, to reach a diagnostic assessment that is as accurate as possible. A treatment plan will then be developed, customized for the you, incorporating safe and effective physical medicine practices to provide relief from disc herniation and improve your quality of life.

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