Auto Accidents

auto accident

Because auto accidents are traumatic events, patients are often unaware of injuries they may have sustained. Even during an initial examination on the scene or at the emergency room, the injuries from an auto accident may go undetected, resulting in dramatically delayed treatment. Symptoms may not emerge until months after the accident has occurred, revealing trauma that had previously been undiagnosed, which can lead to complications in injury treatment.

Fortunately, physical medicine disciplines offered by American Wellness in Scottsdale can help alleviate the repercussions of auto accident injury, even months after the trauma has occurred. Treatments utilized in physical rehabilitation after auto accidents may include physical therapy, trigger point injections, spinal decompression, and other effective methods of treating pain and injury.

American Wellness offers a wide variety of treatment options to help address a wide scope of concerns such as chronic pain management and relief from injuries sustained in auto accidents.

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